Switching Off The “Eat More” Message With Fiber

athlete riding a bike
athlete riding a bike

High-fat snacks and meals are not as highly effective as complex carbohydrates and fibre in switching off the “eat more” message that may be signalled by our brains. The reason for this is clear. Our dietary fat can in no way be converted to glycogen, a type of sugar which is primarily stored n our muscles and in the liver. According to a long line of studies, the glycogen stored in our liver has been found out to trigger the appetite switch off and will beckon our body that we are no longer hungry.

High fibre or high-fat foods?

As experimented, people who consume high-fat foods were inclined to take another meal compared to those who eat high fibre foods. With this, a conclusion was made that high fibre and low-fat foods are effective in stimulating a body-brain signal of satiation or the sense of being full. Thus, bean soups, casseroles, fresh fruits, and veggies will aid you in improving the accuracy of your body’s appetite signal. Moreso, eating these foods will not only help you increase the fat-burning capability of your body but will also help in making you get a feeling of being satisfied and full.

The different kinds of fibre play a great role in improving and smoothly keeping our digestion move. They make sure that prolonged contact with the digestive tract of cancer-causing toxins and disease-causing substance are warded off and driven off. Also, it has been shown that obesity and the occurrence of heart disease and colon cancer can be effectively prevented by high-fibre diets. Furthermore, intake of fibre has shown to help in losing the excess fat and will lower the blood pressure by about ten per cent.

It was also found that dietary fibre enables prompt transit of food substances inside our digestive tract. We also need to increase the intakes of both insoluble and soluble fibre so that it would be easier for the intestines to let waste products pass along smoothly. Insoluble fibres consist of cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin which absorbs water, swell up and gives the feeling of being full. Soluble fibres, upon the other hand, performs different activities from the crude and water-insoluble fibres and include pectin and gums which slacken the sugar absorption from the intestine. The properties of soluble fibre to keep some balance on the blood sugar levels, the fat-making process is therefore significantly reduced.

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