How to quit smoking?

zapalenie pluc
zapalenie pluc

You have already known the reasons why you need to quit smoking cigarette. There are already lots of warnings about where can it lead if you will not quit smoking. The threats of having fatal diseases such as tuberculosis, lung cancer, emphysema, and even heart disease have already been realized. So, this is now your step to know how to quit smoking cigarettes.

It would be better first to know the quit smoking timeline. The quit smoking timeline is a timetable where you can see the positive outcomes on your health once you quit smoking cigarette. As soon as you decided to do so, in just a 20-minute fraction of time, you would already feel several quit smoking benefits. This quit smoking timeline will indeed keep you motivated in continuing your endeavour on how to quit smoking cigarettes.

Quit smoking benefits

Just think of these quit smoking benefits that you can get if you will keep in mind this quit smoking timeline. The first thing in the timetable is that your blood pressure and pulse rate will decrease making you feel warmer. After 8 hours, carbon monoxide in your body decreases making way for the oxygen to circulate well around your body. At 24 hours after you quit smoking cigarettes, there will be a lesser risk of a heart attack. In just these three periods of the quit smoking timeline, you may have already encountered more than 5 quit smoking benefits. What more if you are going to push through these steps of how to quit smoking cigarettes. 

Another motivating factor is having a reminder of why do you want to quit smoking cigarettes. You can write the reasons for a piece of paper and have it with you all the time. When you already feel the urge of smoking, take it out and use it to remind yourself of the reasons why you want to quit smoking cigarette. This step on how to quit smoking cigarettes is just like planning your life for another ten years. You can back this up by taking a look in your quit smoking timeline once in a while to know the progress of what you are doing.

It is not easy dealing with the steps of how to quit smoking cigarettes. This is why you have to keep yourself forced in fighting this bad habit. Putting up a “no smoking” sign in your workplace, at home, or in your car may also help. If this still does not work, another good thing to do to quit smoking cigarettes is to throw away your cigarettes, lighters, and ashtrays. Since you will not be seeing these things anymore, you will not have the idea of smoking again and you may proceed to the other ways of how to quit smoking cigarettes.

Ways to quit smoking

Another way on how to quit smoking cigarettes is by avoiding the time you are usually having a bad habit. You can do other things in that particular circumstance. You can try walking around the park, jogging with a friend, or even chewing gums. This will help you forget and distracted with the urge of smoking cigarettes again. This quit smoking benefits will also help you get a better physique since you are using exercise as a form of motivating yourself. Knowing the quit smoking benefits and doing these steps of how to quit smoking cigarettes is not enough and not that easy, there will be times that you will feel the urge to go back to smoking smoke out spray. This is why you must practice these four D’s: delaying, deep breathing, drinking water, and doing something else. You may want to bring with you “mouth toys” such as gums, candies, straws, or a carrot stick.

The question now is why is it very difficult to push through the steps of to how to quit smoking cigarettes? It is because of the substance that can be found in cigarettes. It is called nicotine withdrawal. After following the mentioned steps of how to quit smoking cigarettes, the smoker will feel tobacco craving, yearning for sweets, increased coughing, and poor concentration on work. This is why taking these steps of how to quit smoking cigarettes will be very helpful if you are willful and firm to quit smoking. This is why taking these steps of how to quit smoking cigarettes will be very helpful if you are willful and firm to quit smoking

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