Does Skipping Meals Do Some Good?

dietary bowl with fruits and berries
dietary bowl with fruits and berries

Many people employ the most popular strategies of skipping meals to shed fat. They are attempting to save calories by skipping meals. Looks like a good tactic, isn’t it? If it is our goal to eat less fat, why don’t we just skip meals? Well, that is not a good idea. Doing so will only bring you more harm than good. It will only gun down your body’s internal demand because when you skip meals, your body will continue to crave to fill what you skipped. As a result, it will trigger a signal to eat more and store more fat to the body.

Is skipping meals well to lose weight?

A long line of studies revealed that skipping meals will lower a person’s basal or baseline metabolic rate. It is a must that this metabolic rate must be kept as high as possible since it will aid the body in burning a maximum number of calories any day. As a result of this metabolic rate fall brought by skipping meals, you are starting to dismiss any benefit that you think can be given by skipping meals.

Let us say you decide to skip lunch on a certain day . If part of your daily routine is to perform some afternoon chores, you are surely burning several calories, say 200. Since you decide to skip lunch, likely, your metabolic rate goes down and as a result, you are only going to burn 150. Now, the 50 calories which you should have burnt had it been that your metabolic rate level remained normal, these calories will then be stored as fat.

There might be some advantage that you can get from skipping meals but I guess it would only be temporary. By skipping lunch in the example above, you are likely to compensate what the body needs during lunch by eating relatively bigger dinner. By doing this, you are certainly tossing more fat to your cells because it is now a common knowledge that the body stores are more fat in the evening than during daytime.

What to eat to lose weight?

The best thing that you need to do is to have a low-fat diet at breakfast or your lunch so that your metabolic rate goes up and you will burn more and fatter all the way. When you decide on skipping meals, you are inviting pounds of trouble to come into the picture. You may have observed that fat people skip more breakfast than thinner people but you are seeing that the former even get fatter than the latter. And the reason is clear, they get more calories in their evening meals and snacks and that is mainly because they have chosen the tactic of skipping meals.

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