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How to Teach a Dog to Fetch a Thing

Gambling fetch together with your dog is a excellent way to burn off greater power and bond along with your puppy. some puppies obviously select up fetch whilst others can also have no interest. a few puppies like the act of chasing the ball however then, won’t deliver it lower back. this article will help you teach your dog a way to play fetch. we can also talk how to assist prevent your dog from chasing the ball but no longer returning.

a clicker or marker phrase, and masses of a laugh toys. For coaching fetch we are going to use what running shoes name “shaping,” that is, permitting your dog to discern out how to carry out a behavior with minimum help from you.

Shaping Fetch

How to train a dog to fetch

First you want to to start with select a toy that your canine is inclined to install their mouth. a few puppies have choices for plush toys while others like balls. after they study the behavior, you’ll be capable of ask them to retrieve some thing you ask.

For the motive of coaching, we will use the case wherein your dog has no interest in gambling with toys. For now, vicinity the toy at the floor. to start with, you will be marking any sort of interaction with the toy.


this may be your canine simply looking at the toy. after I talk about marking, i’m regarding the usage of a clicker or marker word to mark the precise behavior you want and worthwhile after with a treat. So, you may watch for your canine to examine the toy. As quickly as they do, click on and praise.

Retain doing this till your canine is reliably looking on the toy for a reward. when they have this down, it’s time to preserve out and ask them to do some thing else with the toy. This normally comes from the canine getting frustrated that their reward isn’t coming. maximum dogs at this stage will nostril the toy or touch the toy with their paw. whilst this happens, mark it and reward. that is now what you require earlier than they’re rewarded.

Now I maintain the toy in my hand and location it close to their face. in the event that they weren’t formerly touching their nostril to the toy, that is when you may require it. Wait till the dog sniffs the toy after which mark and reward.
For the next steps you will continue to grow from right here. once more, once your dog is nostril touching the toy hold out at the reward. Your dog will then get annoyed and try and mouth the toy. straight away mark and praise this.


Step 1: Pick something to throw Pick something for your dog to fetch. A favorite toy works great, but a tennis ball works well too. Tip Don’t use a stick as a throw toy. Besides being dangerous to throw near other people, a stick can hurt your dog’s mouth and may contain parasites.


Step 2: Carry treats Stash a handful of dog treats in your pocket, so you’ll have them handy. Tip A clean t-shirt or dishtowel makes a great throw toy if you tie a knot in the middle. It’s floppy, the knot makes it easy to pick up, and it’s machine-washable.


Step 3: Make sure you have room If you’re playing with your dog inside, make sure you have enough space to throw a toy or ball without breaking anything. A hallway works great.


Step 4: Avoid dangerous areas If you’re playing outside, make sure the dog can’t stray into traffic or other dangerous areas. A fenced backyard is best. Tip Many public outdoor spaces require dogs to be leashed, so don’t turn your pooch loose in a park without checking the rules.


Step 5: Get your dog’s attention Shake the toy or tennis ball in front of your dog. Make a big fuss over it and hold it just out of reach.


Step 6: Throw the toy When you’ve got the dog’s attention, throw the toy or ball a short distance. This will make it easier for the dog to keep her eye on it.


Step 7: Praise the dog When the dog runs after the toy, pile on the praise. If she picks it up, be even more positive.


Step 8: Bring your dog to the toy Most likely your dog will chase the toy. But if she dog doesn’t seem to understand about fetching after you’ve thrown the object a few times, clip a leash to her collar and walk her over to it. Praise her for arriving at the right spot. Tip If the dog doesn’t pick up the toy, it’s helpful to have a friend actually put it into her mouth. Of course, the instant the dog is carrying the toy, more praise is in order.


Step 9: Call her back When the dog has the fetch toy in her mouth, call her back to you. Yell ‘Bring it here! Bring it here!’ Praise her as soon as she starts to move toward you.


Step 10: Give her a treat As soon as the dog arrives with the toy, praise her and give her a treat. When she sees the treat, she should drop the toy automatically. Say ‘Drop it!’ immediately, as soon as you see her starting to drop the toy. That way, she’ll associate the command with what she’s already doing. Tip Never try to take the fetch toy away from the dog. You don’t want her to think tug-of-war is part of this game! And if she runs, don’t encourage her by chasing after—run the other way, and offer a treat when she follows you instead.



Step 11: Reduce treat levels As your dog gets to understand the rules of this game, you can gradually stop giving her treats for performing her part of the routine. Taper them off to once every other time she brings the toy back, then once every third time, and so on.


Step 12: Vary the routine Once your dog has learned the ‘Fetch!’ basics, feel free to vary the routine. Try tossing a flying disk for a change. Throw the toy for longer distances, or over different terrains—even into the water, if you’re at a beach. Before long, your dog will be bringing you her special toy and begging you to play!

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