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Can Dog Eat Watermelon ? Here is the perfect guide

Each person loves watermelon, even dogs. however is it safe for them to devour?

the solution is yes, with more than one precautions. Seeds may want to reason an intestinal blockage, so make sure you take away them. It’s additionally probably not a very good idea to allow a dog to chew on the rind, due to the fact it could cause gastrointestinal disillusioned.

The fruit itself is a fitness-meals powerhouse, low in calories and filled with vitamins—nutrients A, B6, and C, and potassium.

according to the country wide Watermelon advertising Board, the fruit has handiest approximately 50 calories a cup and 92 percentage water, so it’s exquisite for hydration on a hot day. It additionally has no fat or ldl cholesterol, so it’s pretty a whole lot guilt-free.
right here are a few amusing data from the NWPB:

an average 15-to 20-pound watermelon will yield 90 six-ounce wedges and eleven cups of cubes.

Ever word that some watermelons have inner cracks inside the flesh? It’s a circumstance known as hollow heart and is because of fluctuations in temperature at some stage in the growing season. hollow coronary heart melons are secure to eat, and they may be absolutely sweeter in spots, because sugars tend to pay attention along the cracks.

Can Dog Eat Watermelon ? Really?

From planting to reap, it takes a watermelon 3 months to grow.
Seedless melons were advanced 50 years in the past. They incorporate no black, mature seeds. however you may see white seed coats, wherein the seed did no mature.
Citrullus Lanatus is the clinical name for watermelon.

It comes from the botanical circle of relatives Cucurbitaceae and is related to cucumbers, pumpkins, and squash.
you may carve watermelon rinds within the equal manner as pumpkins. there are numerous styles, from dinosaurs and sharks to Spiderman, and designs are constrained handiest by way of your imagination.

Watermelon is a staple of seashore trips and BBQs, however it could no longer usually be the first plant-based totally definitely snack human beings suppose to provide their puppies. as it seems, it’s in reality the suitable summer season deal with.

Even better, as it’s tasty and healthy for puppies and those alike, it’s a first-rate snack to percentage.

proper right here’s what you need to recognize approximately the dos and don’ts of feeding your canine this favorite summer time deal with.
fitness benefits of Watermelon for dogs

Watermelon consists of each vitamins A and potassium, nutrients that puppies want, says Susan Lauten, owner of doggy nutrients Consulting in Knoxville, Tennessee.

With best about 46 energy in keeping with cup, watermelon is also fats unfastened and coffee in sodium. because watermelon is composed by way of and massive of water (ninety two percentage, in fact), it’s moreover a terrific source of hydration for dogs, she provides.

while watermelon is most often related to summer season whilst it’s at it’s top, it is to be had 12 months-spherical.

Is Watermelon comfy for dogs?


canine proprietors need to take precautions whilst feeding their dogs watermelon, as there are components of the watermelon which can be strictly off limits: the seeds and the skin.

The black seeds from watermelons can purpose intestinal obstructions in small puppies if swallowed, in order that they want to be eliminated first, says Lauten.

“Seeds have a tendency to be less of a problem for huge puppies, whose larger intestines permit the seeds to pass via extra without problems,” she says.

nevertheless, the danger may be eliminated for all dogs thru looking for seedless watermelon, making for an smooth alternative to disposing of the seeds by means of hand.

in terms of the rind of the watermelon, puppies can nibble on that detail, but they ought to no longer devour the inexperienced pores and skin, Lauten says, due to the truth they may be not able to digest it.
making prepared Watermelon for dogs

In its handiest shape, easy watermelon split into small cubes makes a wholesome snack or a unique reward at some stage in training, Lauren says.

in case you’d want to get a chunk more creative, watermelon can be frozen in ice dice trays for a groovy cope with or mixed with some simple elements to make a dog-pleasant watermelon sorbet.

As is the case with some thing concerning your puppy, it’s always a terrific idea to check with your veterinarian in advance than introducing new food into your dog.

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